Our Mission

"Bring together a team of like minded individuals who raise the standards of hairdressing through continuing education. Providing excellent customer service and quality while being committed to the development of valued relationships with our customers, peers, and community."

-David L Cheung

Our Story

Our professionally educated designers

are in touch with the latest trends, techniques, and fashion. Trained in modern and classic hair design to enhance your look and suit your lifestyle. Recognized as one of the best salons in Seattle. MargiDavid is the ultimate destination that enables you to be at your best when you step back into the world outside. MargiDavid was founded in 1989, with a vision and passion on our craft in hairdressing and customer service. Recognized in our industry as leaders in education, we provide career paths for all of our associates. As a team we acknowledge the importance of "staying the course," of continued education and working with the best of the best. 

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