“Let creativity be the guide and staying inspired by what you love to do”


David Cheung

Founder and creative force behind MARGIDAVID, David Cheung started his career in hairdressing in 1983. With lack of training coming out of beauty school, David decided to seek out better education in the industry. David met hairdressers from London and was very inspired by their creative approach to hair. David auditioned to become an educator with TONI & GUY to further his training. David worked as an educator on stage and behind the chair for 8 years. David had the opportunity to meet the best in the industry. In 1989, David opened the MARGIDAVID Salon. David's philosophy  behind the salon is to have best education offered to his associates. The MARGIDAVID Salon's educational program has provided stylist the opportunity to sustain a successful career. To this day the salon takes the long transition of training students straight out of beauty school, allowing them to further their skills to become masters of their trade. David has traveled extensively around the world to educate, participate in fashion shows, speaking engagements, and photoshoots. Most recently he worked in Milan with Oribe and Georgio Armani. David’s other passions include photography and editorial work. He continues to encourage and motivate his team to do photoshoots and fashion shows.

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